Michelle and Matt

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Our Story

Some things are meant to be.

This story is decades in the making, and as the next chapter unfolds we’re happy to have you join us on our special day.

Michelle and Matt first met in second grade when the Janssen’s moved to the same street as the Thompsons. As they grew up together, they ran around with the neighborhood kids, rode bikes, swam at the lake, and went roller blading (it was the 90’s, okay?). Fast forward to 2006. It was junior year of high school when Matt discovered that Michelle had a thing for him thanks to a big-mouthed mutual friend. They started “talking” and eventually Matt convinced Michelle to make it FBO.

As high school ended, Michelle and Matt both decided to attend Missouri State University. Through that adventure in Springfield, they grew as people and faced challenges in their relationship that ultimately created an unbreakable bond. It became clear they were soul mates.

Shortly after college, Michelle and Matt moved downtown Kansas City together. They shared a loft and fell more in love with each other and their city. From late night jazz club escapades to World Series parades, their adventures continued.

Downtown living was great, but with two small Shih-Tzus they moved to a more accommodating place for their good doogans in October 2016. Michelle and Matt purchased their first home together in Waldo where they happily live today.

They love making memories in their new 96-year-old home. Matt proposed to Michelle at their front door as they were locking up to catch a plane for an Austin, TX getaway in September of last year.

Our friends and family are the biggest part of our hearts.

We can’t wait to see you.

With love,
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